Best Balloon Lagoon Base level 2 Layout Link COC 2022

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Clash Of Clans balloon lagoon level 2 Layout: Level 2

Baloon Lagoon lvl 2 is different from other villages in so many ways because of the presence of a Brand new defence. Balloon lagoon level 2 layout is difficult to completely destroy in one attack like golem quarry because of the damage per second defences.

For the hidden Teslas play around with them close to the wall. Put them between the wall and a double cannon or crusher. That way if anyone sends in a hog glider to stun the double cannon or crusher the tesla will pop up and tank the stun.

The lake in base laguna balon level 2 is pretty unique. It is a heart shape. Attacking Baloon Lagoon take a minimum of two attack even some time it takes to three attacks. Deploying mountain golem is very very useful In this balloon lagoon level 2 layout.

The best attack strategy for completely destroying a village is given below. The best attack for the raid to completely destroy the layout is the super Wizard and Super Giant strategy at COC balloon lagoon layout level 2.