51+ Best Barbarian Camp Base level 1 Layout Link COC 2024

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COC Barbarian Camp Level 1 Base – Best Barbarian Camp Base Layout

This is the simplest Barbarian Camp level 1 base. There are no more defenses for protection of the town hall, So walls, are the better protection to the barbarian camp base.

If you enjoy the barbarian camp level 1 layout These are the dark elixir storage. You can see that I would pause if he dammed up stand the funnel before the dark elixir surge is destroyed, which is very crucial, and in the end, makes sure that his queen is heading into the barbarian camp base level 1 base as soon as the screen is starting to head over there he’s starting with his ramp to make sure that she’s going in the right direction.

COC Barbarian Camp Layout Level 1 Link

Hey, clashers, welcome to our blog; today, we are sharing a new barbarian camp base layout with you.

We bring you the Best Barbarian Camp Layout, and we will also explain why certain buildings are placed in certain places while doing speed build.

Clan capital barbarian camp base layout since district hall is worth one star; it is placed in the center of the base so we can guard it in every direction.

At lvl 1 barbarian camp, You are getting expertise in blocking the pathway of the enemy army. But the most important thing is designing of the barbarian camp like an island.

Best Barbarian camp building arrangement

All the spear throwers are evenly placed on the edge of the base so they can provide both ground and air coverage.

Here Are The 25+ Barbarian Camp Base Layout for COC Base 2023

Only troops like super barbarian supergiants and sneaky archers are available at this level, so we build this base in a compact form so that all defensive buildings can provide defense coverage for all buildings so it requires more attacks to get three stars from this base since every defensive building can provide defense coverage for all the buildings and all the defensive buildings that deal more damage to the opponent’s troops are placed in the different compartment,