30+ Best Barbarian Camp Level 3 Layout Link COC 2024

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There is plenty of ways to arrange the layouts in the Barbarian Camp Base Level 3 but arranging in an effective way makes the base strong.

There are a number of troops available at coc level 3 barbarian camp layout so be sure to use all of them at least once in this way you can understand how they work and you can make the best use of them.

Let us see how to three-star the barbarian camp with the use of the level 3 barbarian camp troops in the COC Barbarian camp lvl 3. In the first attack, we should go with the sneaky Archers, supergiants, and super wizards along with the heal spell and some other spell like a lightning spell.

COC Barbarian Camp Level 3

At the beginning of the attack, you can go with the sneaky archers in the barbarian camp lvl 3 base. In this way, you can take out the defensive buildings.

It’s getting close, but the Queen has everything she needs to break through If you enjoy the barbarian camp level 3 layout. And eliminate the enemy in front of her. Meanwhile, the outside wizards are teaming up with everything, and this is going to be a triple attack. Next, let’s look at the barbarian camp base level 3. Wait, this is a different version, sometimes there are no gaps or anything; it’s just walls and buildings lined up in a straight line, which makes it extremely difficult.

Which has major damage per second. Just after that when all the sneaky archers become visible they are vulnerable to defense so prevent that deploy the giants and use super wizards behind them in this way you can clear the Best barbarian camp level 3 layouts.