Best Barbarian Camp Base level 4 Layout Link COC 2024

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Level 4: COC Best Barbarian Camp Base Layout Level 4

At this layout you want to attack the main event in attack is the deployment of the healing spell especially in the giants. When they reach the defensive buildings. You should take out all the air-targeting defenses like air defense and inferno tower. By using the giant, wizard, and especially the sneaky archers. The air-attacking defense is problematic in the Barbarian camp level 4 layouts so we have to take this out early.

In the Level 4 Base barbarian camp layout if there are two air defenses this is troublesome. The superwizard will take out the main defensive buildings. In some attack strategies you can’t attack the air troops so in the second attack you can do this in the Best barbarian camp level 4 bases.

It’s very difficult to actually predict where Queen will go in the barbarian camp level 4 layout, so those funnels are a little bit trickier to do on those bases are all super easy to do like walks like this, but the problem with that is this single front tower, which requires you to have at least two free spells but makes it extremely expensive so someone worth it so what you have to do started like in a middle way kindness so something like here in this barbarian camp base level 4 but then you have to make sure that your queen is in the right place.

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We know that the ground defenses can ruin the attack. You can open the wall using a wall breaker. This will lead the super giants to move towards the main defenses.

The best part about using this strategy is the use of the super minions. Barbarian camp lvl 4 base layouts in some of the layouts there is no air attacking defenses. It is the best time to deploy the super dragons When you deploy it this will lead all the major defenses to attack at the same time in the Barbarian camp level 4 layout.

So you can’t go with the super minions, especially in the first attack. In the second attack, you can use the super minions.