Best Barbarian Camp Base level 5 Layout Link COC 2022

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At Barbarian camp level 5 layouts main thing is here to take out the main defensive buildings like rocket artillery. Wait till the barbarian take out the inferno tower because The inferno tower will create more damage to the high-hit point troops.

Until then you have to hold the remaining troops like the super wizard and super giant. Till then you can rely on minions to take out all the defensive buildings in the particular area.

At level 5 Base barbarian camp layout be careful about the area of high splash defenses it is deadly for small troops.

When the sneaky archers become visible deploying the giants is important and crucial step in the attack strategy. You should take out the archer towers in one go. Because it is also not good for troops at Barbarian camp Layout level 5. After that, you can deploy the sneaky archer when you are the sneaky archer health decreases so this is a time to use the heal spell.

COC Barbarian Camp Base level 5

You must all locate any buildings hidden behind the walls in the barbarian camp level 5 layout, such as this outer tower, in order to deploy loons, Hawks, or hogs, the most common types of troops against them. However, you must first ensure that you have captured everything, which entails eliminating it.

If you zoom in on this barbarian camp base level 5, you can destroy those two groups of structures, meaning that if you start a queen here, she would destroy these two gold mines before going to the Builder hatch on the right side. If you discovered it in the second line, those monies would be somewhat pricey.

Your barbarian can easily take out the multi-motor. It is problematic for ground troop-like the wizards and supergiants. We have gone for Best barbarian camp lvl 5 Base with all the troops so check this out. So after that, the super wizard should have the support of the super giants or Pekka to take out major defenses. It is important that you wait till the end of your attack.