19+ Pangkalan TH9 Terkuat LINK 2022 | Base th 9 Terkuat Tautan

Berikut 19+ LINK Basis TH9 Terkuat 2022 | base th 9 terkuat Tautan

So friends, after a long wait, we are here to provide you base th 9 terkuat, as promised, the best terkuat bases th 9. The meaning of terkuat is the strongest bases. These th 9 terkuat bases 2022 are the best bases available on the internet.

Base th 9 terkuat

They give good protection against any army wether it is an electro dragon or witch slap. This terkuat bases th 9 is exclusively available on this website only. So make sure to give it a try. This bases are solid even pros can not defeat this kind of terkuat th 9 bases. Just make this base in your home base layout and in clan war and clan war league base layout. Add something like electro dragon in clan castle or anything you can get, and just wait and watch. this terkuat bases th 9 are made especially for pro and professional players. This bases are made and analysed by the professional clash of clans player and our team. Downloading these bases is an effortless procedure, but for your safety, we also have demonstrated the way by which you can use this base for farming and trophy pushing and war.

Clash of clans is a multiplayer battle game that requires skill, memory, and prediction power. Click Here to download the game from the play store. Or you can get more information about Clash Of Clans On Wikipedia.

You are probably facing the following problems in your clash of clans gameplay for the War base th 9.

  • Are you not reaching Titan league?
  • Are you called by your friends noob?
  • Are you not reaching any level in a game?
  • Are you struggling to maintain a good loot?

So here are the solutions for all your problems about the clash of clan game.
You can easily copy the link of this terkuat bases th 9 2022 from this page by just clicking on the link this page will direct you to the game and in your layout, keep one slot empty and remove all the obstacles in the base like bush, stem etc. And you can easily apply this bases and make your Th9 base terkuat. So guys, here we go.

01: Base th 9 terkuat

In this type of base layout, The town hall is surrounded by hidden tesla. This terkuat base is anti witch and anti golem also anti-ice golem.
CC troops- Dragon, super minions

base th 9 terkuat 2

This terkuat base is symmetrical. The town hall is centrally placed. The storages surround the town hall and clan castle.

CC – Super witch/Dragon

03: Base th 9 Strongest 2022

base th 9 terkuat 3

This is a well symmetrical terkuat base layout. Air defenses and hidden tesla surround the town hall. The bomb tower protects the dark elixir storage.

CC troops- Dragon/Super minions

04: Base th 9 terkuat

base th 9 terbase th 9 terkuat 4

This type of terkuat base has a centrally placed town hall. One x-bow is ground, So it provide protection against ground army troop. This base is anti-dragon and anti-electro dragon
CC troops- witch/super minions

base th 9 terbase th 9 terkuat 5 base th 9 link

This is the best anti-three star terkuat base layout. Wizard tower covers the town hall. Air sweepers provide the best defense against air troops.
CC troops- ice golem/lava hound

06: Base th 9 terkuat

base th 9 terbase th 9 terkuat 6

This is a symmetrical base. The Town hall is centrally placed and covered with air defense. Bomb tower provides extra protection to the town hall.

CC troops- Dragon/super minion

07: Base th 9 terkuat 2022

terkuat base th 9 7

This is anti-three-star base. The alters of the barbarian king and archer queen provide better protection against enemy troops.
CC troops- Dragon/Witch

terkuat base th 9 8 base th 9 link

This is a anti-ground army terkuat base layout of th 9. The wizard towers are arranged peripherally. The bomb tower protects the lower corner of the base.
CC troops- Rocket balloon/Normal baloon.

terkuat base th 9 9

This base layout is both anti-air army and anti-ground army. One x-bow is ground, and another one is air, So it’s provide better defense.

CC troops- head-hunter/ice golem

10: Base th 9 terkuat

base th 9 terkuat 9 coc base th 9 link

This is a symmetrical terkuat base layout. The siking air mines provides better protection against any air army, So this type of terkuat base is very useful in war or cwl
CC troops- Dragon/Super minions

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Now, you can copy this layout of the top 19+ terkuat base coc th 9 and apply it to your coc gameplay.

Copy & Apply TH 9 Terkuat Base

There are lots of coc th 9 Terkuat bases available on other platforms. Still, we provide you the Best Top 19+ Th 9 base

Tips & Tricks For Base COC TH 9

1) The arrangement of the splash damage defenses like bomb tower and wizard tower is most important because it gives better protection against witch slap

2) Town hall 9 has a better time for maxing out the all buildings and the army , so you can increase your trophy

3) Town hall 9’s clan castle has 30 housing spaces, so you have to fill it via clan member so, in case of enemy attack, you can slow down the attack via clan castle troops

4) The bomb Tower is very effective against Hog Riders and Miners. Placing one of even 2 Giant Bombs next to this defense can make it even more deadly to these troops. There is a short delay between the destruction of the building and the explosion of the bomb.

5) Dark elixir storage is also an essential resource to upgrade Archer queen to level 30, so placing dark elixir storage at the centre makes sense & also protects both dark elixir drills

6) In order to 3-star any base. Funnelling of troops is essential. You can use the baby dragon, wizard and barbarian etc.

Clash Of Clans Strongest Base 9 layout

7) There is no base design which can’t be 3-star. If the player is good, he can get three stars on any base, but these bases make it difficult for them also.

8) You can keep the archer queen near the town hall to protect the town hall
And also, you can place the barbarian king around the archer queen because it has high HP, it will take damage from the enemy troops, and the archer queen finishes them easily


This is a base which is unbeatable

The Max level of healers is four.

The Max level of the wall breaker is five at th 9.

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