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Town Hall 10 progress bases clash of clans

So What’s going on clashers,

Hello and Welcome to the blog for one of Town hall 10 progress bases.
Town hall 9 is fun for clasher but it is time to move into a more high-level town level like town hall 10. There is a lot to upgrade in town hall 10.

There are a lot of players out there who just love that Town hall 10 progress or upgrade bases.

We are going to complete the series on the progress bases and upgrade bases and upgrade guide. upgrading town hall at level 10 and We are free to play in the TH 10 in the free-to-play series. The link for every town hall is down below if you want to see the town hall 10 progress and upgrade base layouts. You should fully max out at town hall 10. And then go to other to own hall.

You don’t have to buy any gems and you don’t have to buy any gold or elixir. We have also mentioned that way you can obtain free gems and unlock different types of scenery. the very first thing that you should do when you get to town hall 10.

Town Hall 10 PROGRESS Base Links

We’re going to give You a traditional upgrade from top to bottom. This upgrade priority guide is to get you the best town hall 10 progress or upgrade bases.

It will lead you to a rich brand new town hall 10. We will tell you what to build first and what to upgrade first to be a strong player in clash of clans.

Let’s start with base orientation for beginners. you can also compare this to your town hall. Which includes 40 levels of the barbarian king and level 40 archer queen and the laboratory should be maxed out. so it is time to upgrade this laboratory. After upgrading the laboratory you can upgrade your cannons to max level you can also max out all the troops which you want in your attack strategy of you want to do queen charge hybrid attack so be sure to upgrade first hog rider and miner and healers and Queen should be max level there is no excuse you have to max it in Town Hall 10 progress bases.

TH10 Upgrade Base Priority & Guide

You should be working with six builders to get high level early. if you still not have six builders for
So be sure to check out how to get free six builders in the 3 months. There will be a guide provided in Town Hall 10 progress bases.

Also discuss about how to get free gems from the clash of clans from different sources like gem mines, obstacles etc.

The higher level like the town hall 10 has too important defense like Inferno tower and x bows. We need to upgrade them to defend ourselves from enemy attacks.