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Town Hall 11 progress bases Clash of Clans

Previously we don’t mention this topic This topic is get missed so here are the Best progress bases of town hall 11 which also includes trolls it’s time to upgrade your base. There are multiple ways to maximize your town hall to the strongest village out there. To get there it is important to upgrade every single defence and especially your heroes like a barbarian king and Archer queen.

You can also upgrade your pet but at this level, there is no pet in Town Hall 11 Progress bases. The max level of the barbarian king is 50 and the same goes for the Archer queen she also reaches level fifty.

TH11 Upgrade Base COC

We can all agree that the grand warden has the best ability as compared to other heroes. grand warden with a brand new unique ability he has an aura surrounding him with a ring any troop who comes in his ring gets invisible and invincible and no longer gets destroyed so it’s important to you, to upgrade your brand new hero grand warden to max level at the town hall 11 Progress bases you also get eagle artillery which has devastating damage to the army so next upgrade make sure to upgrade it fast it is very costly but due to its splash damage it is worth it the best army at this level is which Witch slap in Town Hall 11 Progress bases.