51+ Best TH11 War Bases with Links for COC Clash of Clans 2023 Copy Town Hall 11 War Bases

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Hey clasher, In today’s blog we will break down the top best town hall 11 war bases layout. Let’s start with the base design first and after that attack strategy at town hall 11. We will debate about what is the army combination at coc town hall 11 war layout.

At War Base TH11 there is also a grand warden is present which has the unique ability among all clash of clan heroes.

The best way to find out which layout suits you the most is to try and taste every single layout.

All the collector buildings are moreover a crucial resource for heroes like Barbarian king to upgrade to try and make them level 50, so putting all storage at the centre and protecting both elixir collectors will be useful to 2 or even 3-star TH11 War base layouts. Funnelling of all the main army is key.

COC Town Hall 11 War Base

You can use the giant, wizard and barbarian anything you like. Accepting that the player is perfect, she or he can get three stars on any base, yet these bases make it trying for them as well.

There is no base arrangement which can’t be 3-star. You can keep the barbarian king near the centre to shield the best coc town hall 11 war base. Also, besides, you can put the grand warden around the royal champion since it has low HP, it will take hurt from the enemy troops, and the king finishes them easily.

There are different ways to arrange your base at Town Hall 11. Here you get eagle artillery which is the main defence at base war th 11.

You have the archer towers. You will be having wizard towers in the upper town hall like this th11 war base layouts with links. I say it is in the middle range town hall which is non-weaponized this means there is no worry about getting damaged from town halls like Giga inferno or mega Tesla in upper TH11 War Layout.