52+ Best TH12 War Base Links for COC Town Hall 12 War Base

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Hey guys, In this article, you can see the best TH 12 war bases. After seeing previous base designs today we start with a base design and an attack strategy at town hall 12 is given. You can see the topics about the best army combination at Best COC town hall 12 war base links.

First and foremost, I hope you enjoyed the COC TH12 War Base Link. Next, I hope you took away a lot of knowledge from it. Finally, I ask that you refrain from using the approach to triple anyone else but me since it is really effective In town hall 12 War Base. I hope you all, as I said, learn a little bit, and I’ll see you in the following blog in two days. From now on these maps of TH15 cwl war base with a link are given with a copy link we hope you like it.

You can utilize all the troops like wizards and barbarians, and so on. You can encounter that the player is great, he can get three stars on any th12 war base, yet these bases make it pursuing them too. You can keep the archer queen close to the eagle artillery to secure the town hall area.

There are two main heroes at Coc Town Hall 12 war base which are Archer queen which has a max level of sixty-five and another one is barbarian king who has a max level of sixty-five both these heroes have a max level of 65 and it is equally important some person give more value to the barbarian king and forget about Archer queen I think this is a big mistake for beginners at TH 12 War bases.

Best COC TH12 War Base layout

At base war th12 layout you ought to ensure that you comprehend that each and every base won’t necessarily protect itself and they don’t seem as though the one that was utilized in any base.

Before utilizing any army you likewise need to ensure that you’re rehearsing this army before you go into your clan war league. To get a great star you should focus on the key defences, for example, the inferno tower so ensure that you’re choosing the right inferno towers to annihilate.

At town hall 12 ensure that you obliterate eagle artillery to save your bowlers and hog rider your giants assuming you are utilizing it and your pets likewise significant at town hall 12 war base. We are happy to give you such helpful data about the clash of clans and particularly about the war bases with links.