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Town Hall 13 Progress Bases Clash of Clans

After discussing previous Town Hall bases now we will provide you with a complete guide on Town Hall 13 progress bases. Town Hall 13 upgrade you get a brand new hero the royal champion. Which attack only defences and she has a cool ability the seeking shield.

It is a dark elixir-based Hero which has more hit points than Archer queen and more damage than Barbarian king. The best strategy at Town hall 13 Progress bases and upgrade bases is the electro Dragon strategy with the use of rage and freeze spells.

TH13 Upgrade Base COC

In these th13 progress base layout, eventually, there will be a loon that is dying over the infernal tower over Archer Tower, which indicates that the Town Hall 13 progress base has been activated. The second group is arriving way too late due to an execution error on my part, meaning that all of the loons have already gone to the th13 upgrade bases and to the right when you would normally want them to go straight to the ego. The right group is also arriving, and we now have two groups entering the dancing archer tower.

The heal spell is useless in this strategy freeze is better the main defense which needs to be freezed is single target Inferno Tower. There is no need to freeze multi-target Inferno you can also freeze scattershot and eagle artillery and use this strategy in compact bases not on a spread bases and iland bases in town hall 13 progress bases.