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Town Hall 14 Progress Bases Clash of Clans

After reaching this far in town hall 14 Upgrade. Now, it’s necessary to find a good progress base which suits your layout and scenery. The base is where you can remember where your defences are placed and you subconsciously can tell which defence is placed where. You can separate max out defence from non-max out defences.

Top players in Clash of Clans always have one unique base like Town hall 14 Progress bases and upgrade bases where they have their own ways to place defences.

The bases which were designed by themselves you can copy these bases and then make some changes depending upon how you plan to upgrade your base.

TH14 Upgrade Base COC

It will also help you guide to upgrade your wall in Town hall 14 Progress bases and upgrade bases, we always say to keep one Builder free to upgrade the wall if you have too much gold and your all the builders are busy so your extra gold will be wasted to prevent this you can set free one builder in order to do that you can unlock your 6 builders and increase the speed of upgrading your base at Town Hall 14 progress bases.

These are free and they are collected from different sources and some of them are designed by us.