95+ Best TH15 Bases with Links for COC Town Hall 15 Layouts

TH 15 War Base #4
TH 15 Farming Base #5
TH 15 Farming Base #3
TH 15 Trophy Base #14
TH 15 War Base #8
TH15 Progress Upgrade base #7
TH 15 Farm Base #14
TH 15 Trophy Base #11
TH 15 Trophy Base #15
TH 15 Farm Base #20
TH15 Progress Upgrade base #6
TH 15 War Base #6

Town Hall 15 base layouts Clash Of Clans – TH15 COC

In this base-building blog, we made the best bases for town hall 15 all different types of bases Troll bases, War bases, Trophy bases, Hybrid bases, and Farming bases. These bases are free to download and easy to execute in your home Village with the links that are exclusive to the Town Hall 15 layouts.

Four brand new pets are being added to Clash of Clans in the Town Hall 15 update. This will completely change how we will attack in the future. Today we will introduce you to all four brand-new pets in the game. Previously we had four pets so if you upgraded one we couldn’t rotate them. Now we can We think the new pets will replace the older pets. Because they’re just way cooler than the previous one.

The Town Hall is on the side but well protected by lots of defenses. The best strategy for the Town Hall 15 base layout is the hybrid army with Queen Charge and Queen Change Lava Loon. You should always keep the freeze spell for the town hall 15 and the warden ability for the poison which is deployed by the town hall and easily take out the loons press the warden ability right there.

TH15 Base With Copy Link

The best troop at Town Hall 15 base layout is Level 6 electro dragon which is very deadly at Town Hall 15 there is a new level for witches and also new troop is introduced and there is a new spell which was released called recall spell.

Upgrading Town Hall 15 is purely for extra damage. it’s not like we are getting the Giga Eagle. it will remain the Giga inferno. We will be bringing you here on the post since this is under development. we will quickly show you how much it costs for each upgrade and you can see the Improvement you get either a little bit of extra DPS or a little bit of extra damage when destroyed.