30+ Town Hall 15 PROGRESS Base Links Clash of clans COC TH15 Upgrade Base Priority & Guide

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Town Hall 15 Progress Bases Clash of Clans

Here are a brand new town hall 15 progress bases with links and tutorials, upgrade orders and a priority list this base takes too much effort to build.

Especially Town Hall 15 progress bases. We knew most of you have not upgraded Town Hall 15 yet. Because it is new and there are new defences like a monolith and spell Tower which are too much costly so it takes time. It takes at least 6 months to Max this town hall 15 upgrade bases so in order to do this properly you should have your home base from Town hall 15 Progress bases and upgrade bases.

TH15 Upgrade Base COC

The upgrade order should be based on the importance of any particular defense and where you can organise it Town hall 15 Progress bases and upgrade bases and also depend upon how much gold, elixir you have. Now levels of hero are increased up to 85 so it takes time to fully makes out your heroes here at the top 10 progress bases and troll which are designed by various Pro player.