55+ Best TH15 War Base Link for COC 2023 Town Hall 15 war base

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TH15 War Bases COC

Here are the best bases for town hall 15. All the defenses are present like the previous town hall except the monolith and spell Tower. The position of these two buildings is very important for defending this War base TH 15.

Town hall is present in the centre in most of the bases so opponents can not easily two-star the base. This is the main defense with the purple color beam Inferno. Town Hall War is the new update so This bases are not tried and tested so tell us in the comment section which are the best bases of the following Town Hall 15 base war.

Best Town Hall 15 war bases with links

You can see even though, I spiked my rice bone there are so many loons left in COC TH15 War Base Link. There are so many freaking loons left and it’s so close like I said the Queen would have been dead with rage for sure but since the Queen survives in town hall 15 war base, this would be the perfect position for Rage like getting rid of the Queen with my skeleton spells getting my loons into the back like into the back end of the space and still, As we can see even though there is so many new map of th15 cwl war base with a link.

There is still time for the clan war league for Town Hall 15 war base link so make sure to max the town hall and all the defenses try all the base layout links in the friendly challenges and compare which base is best for war and which is good for trophy pushing in the future we will provide you with the troll, farming and hybrid bases with links so stay tuned to base th9 website and give your feedback.

Many clashes have trouble maintaining a good understanding of the Town Hall 15 war bases. here we are providing TH 15 war bases with link. in the form of links which you can copy easily from this website. We don’t take money from you for copying TH 15 war bases.

Town hall 15 war layouts are free and easy to apply to your base. Just click on the copy link and Clash of Clans will redirect you to the game in layout options you can easily copy this base layout.

TH15 War Base layout for Clash Of Clans

At COC TH15 war base you should make sure that you understand that every single base is not going to always defend itself and they do not look like the one that was used in an example.

Before using any army you also need to make sure that you’re practising this army before you go into your clan war league. In order to get a good start the key defenses such as Inferno Tower so make sure that you’re selecting the correct Inferno towers to destroy.

At th15 make sure that you destroy eagle artillery to protect your bowlers and hog rider your giants if you are using them and your pets are also important at town hall 15 war base with link. We are glad to provide you with such useful information about the clash of clans and especially about war bases TH15.