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Town Hall 7 Progress Bases Clash of Clans

In this tutorial blog, we have made exclusive bases design for you which will help you to guide in Town Hall 7 Progress Base. Do not use this bases in war or clan war leagues. This is only for the home village and if you want to protect your Gold elixir and dark elixir do not use this bases.

Many players are wondering to find this kind of layout but due to lake of sources, they are unable to find it so we have provided the best progress base at Town Hall 7 and there is also tips and tricks are given at town hall 7 Progress bases and upgrade bases.

You can use this blog to guide you and help you upgrade your base systemically there are some buildings which are more important than others at Town Hall 7.

TH7 Upgrade Base COC

Everything is looking good. King is breaking down the wall first in TH7 Progress Base, which wasn’t anticipated, and I don’t know if I had dropped to know I had one freeze for the first hour and one freeze under the loons. So far, test ball breaker what’s Orion now doing? which was a complete waste because I decided to try TH7 Upgrade Base to get the time to the present hour. Dropping this freeze despite the fact that the system was now down and I had already brought the third tower down was my first major error.

Such as if your base is constantly been attacked by Dragon so you need to upgrade your air defences first and then give priority to seeking air mine and Archer Tower Town hall 7 Progress bases and upgrade bases. In the next level, you get new heroes like Barbarian king but here in the army you only get spells and Troops There is no seige no clan Castle space for the good troop, no Hero, and No pet.

The best way to attack Town Hall 7 is simple you can spam Dragon Army my second favourite is balloon also the best strategy which is effective so make sure to learn it and apply it and reach high trophies level like a legend and stay tuned for Town hall 7 Progress bases and upgrade bases.