50+ Best Builder Hall Level 10 Bases with Links for Clash of Clans COC – BH10

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Best Builder Hall 10 Base Clash Of Clans

Hello, Clasher as you can see Builder Hall 10 base layouts is here as a component of the new update.

We presumably realize this we got out of hand swinging my hammer how about we Max this we will give it a decent attempt in Builder Hall 10 base layout.

We should head across the water goodness seems as though we have an instructional exercise first for the new Builder base 2.0 before we can upgrade to Builder Hall 10 base designs.

We tracked down an entirely different cavern so we constructed a couple of things inside it who’s Otto it’s level one too The Station he’s a little robot.

We worked to help me out there is Otto OK it maintains that we should tap the reinforcement Camp too we figured it very well may be interesting to go after other people who have two stages not seeing your cushion at going after what are you talking about, master builder?

On the whole, as we travel through it seems as though we need to modify a lot of these first however the battle copter is in the Builder base update pack.

There are additional reinforcement cams for the second stage I will pass them on it to you to sort out the rest how about we bring the Builder Hall down to the bottom we will give you suggestions on what to upgrade.

BH10 Base layout with link

How about we purchase each one of these we as of now have called upper right yet that is where you can uphold my channel.

Presently, We have a very sizable amount of plunder needed to do these two buildings right we should rapidly get the reinforcement Camp about to utilize a book of building on that and afterwards the healing Hut is one that we will upgrade.

It is in every case a lot of valued goodness my golly it tossed it across to the subsequent village we’ve previously got a lot of plunder too however we should buy most of these.

I’m not utilizing a book of building on that since it is just a single day to develop here we go then the pristine Exhibition.

BH10 Base Release date

A builder Hall 10 base formats or something how about we get the Exhibition however we ought to construct that straight away book of building.

We should go we don’t have any idea why we are looking through to the principal Village each time perhaps that will take a touch of becoming accustomed to priorities straight we ought to feel free to upgrade could I at any point track down it at the star laboratory.

We made sense of this and the electro-fire wizard however here we go how about we simply utilize that book of buildings are their new proposals in the shop God help us it’s the guard we thought there was like.

we should examine this Star Lab appears as though it is the most costly there in the Pearl mine yet, I won’t stress over that so I’m utilizing my hammer of building here and this means we can start redesigning each of the troops they generally go to level 20.

The advantage of the game and more current players e will Max is this wizard now he is so cool so we should utilize h as an alright of a battle worth the effort.

Presently however first I need to find my Barracks is it on this base yes it is Electro fire wizard we should go my companion I truly do like these base troop levels that have been added I realize it sort of damages somewhat that you needed to spend that at first yet it is in support of builder Hall 10 bases.

Best Builder Hall 10 base layout

I will stay with the gems for the second and upgrade him to level 10. I will utilize the Book of Battling now because on the last upgrade for what reason don’t we utilize the Hammer of Battling Electro fire wizard maxed concerning different troops?

Here I go with the gems, regardless, of the number do I at any point have 10 books of battling wow you understand what the others could turn out to be more expensive like supposed to get the power parcel of level 20 or something so.

It relies upon the methodology you like yet I will say the child mythical serpents are exceptionally powerful in Builder base 2.0 so that is one of the troops I will get the maximum level very much appreciate that the


Hog gliders take a touch of becoming acclimated believe me I have a video coming out showing you a few Builder Hall 10 techniques and the mass hog gliders they work splendidly.

Power Pekka is the upgrade I would go with for the second I will keep down on my Elixir since we additionally should redesign Our Heroes the battle machine and the battle copter how about we go with the Exhibition this is the kind of thing I would enthusiastically suggest.

You should make certain to share to see that hog glider since that is all there is to it redesigning hot glider level six is something new post update one of the bugs they should fix following that I would agree that the sneaky archer cannon cart and other troop at Builder Hall 10 base layouts.