25+ Best Builder Hall Level 4 Bases with Links for Clash of Clans COC – BH4

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Best Builder Hall 4 Base COC

Hey Clasher, Welcome to the builder hall 4 layout blog. We’re gonna look into builder hall 4 level. We will show you a base which is good at defending every type of attack like vs air and vs ground also and we show you guys some tricks on how you can upgrade your builder hall.

There are different ways we could improve like offence and defence-wise. Balloons and Minions are very popular nowadays. As soon as defense is higher Pekka is getting a good amount of value.

Most of the bases are not close to the max so we have to keep this in our mind. I am sure most of you guys have your mega Tesla maxed to get six builders.

We will also discuss what we can upgrade first to get maximum value. Always design the base in such a way that it takes a huge struggle to get the builder hall base 4.