30+ Best Builder Hall Level 5 Bases with Links for Clash of Clans COC – BH5

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Best Builder Hall 5 Base Clash Of Clans – BH5 COC

In Builder hall level 5. There should be guaranteed that the opponent will not get two stars try to make versus a fully maxed out army and fully maxed out the base. I usually prefer in versus max baby dragons and next may favourite is minions. these bases are purely made against air attack.

Air like all the traps is set to air mode. And if you want to have these bases. You can see the Base Builder hall level 5 link which is a new addition to our website. you don’t need to build the base on your own. The player can copy the base layout very easily. Let us know how This bases defending for you guys.

The ground is not the best thing the base is capable of defending it. Most of the time opponent will not get the percentage easily it would be tough to get even a second star. There should be so many buildings opponents have to get rid of to target the Builder hall level 5.

Most players in the builder base want to get their loot and trophies so you have to defend against mass armies and also adapt to the most common way and how to take 3 stars from any base in Builder hall level 5 (BH5).