33+ Best Builder Hall Level 6 Bases with Links for Clash of Clans COC – BH6

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Best Builder Hall 6 Base COC

The crushers you should place the crushers carefully if you want to get a good defending base so make sure that it will not get rid of both archer towers at the same time. It should be really hard to actually funnel.

Battle machine, you should have completely maxed out for attack or you won’t get the max percentage. the battle machine is everything in maxed builder base level 6. It is very important to have your defenses maxed out. Next, we talk about the roasters are doing good work defending the base.

The minions have gone if they come in contact with an air bomb. The battle machine is getting nearly no damage because of weak defense It leads to getting closer to the second star pretty easily. Defending against the completely maxed-out player very easily with the help of this base layout over here in the builder hall level 6.