35+ Best Builder Hall Level 7 Bases with Links for Clash of Clans COC – BH7

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Best Builder Hall 7 Base Clash of Clans – BH7 COC

We have swapped a few things around and repositioned all the air bombs and seeking air mines.

it will work well against the different army compositions, especially the night witches’ army.
We have the bases for the most current version of clash of clans.

We have sent the link for the Builder Base level 7 and guys let us know in the comments section which is your favourite base. And also explained how the base works for different builder halls.

In Builder hall level 7 we are gonna talk about the offence and defence of different builder halls.

Defending versus battling against like overwhelming spammy armies is very difficult to prevent getting two stars which is a huge thing. If want to copy it you are free to copy the builder base level 7 layout and have fun so copy the base and give it a tryout.