30+ Best Builder Hall Level 8 Bases with Links for Clash of Clans COC – BH8

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Best Builder Hall 8 Base COC

There are different ways how you should upgrade in-game. We have a couple of different ways how to make the base strong at Builder hall level 8. In offence, we have multiple choice examples we can do more than just one attack strategy.

Baby dragon and Night witches or which in our opinion is safe if the air bomb is in the upgrade. Builder hall level 8 is very interesting it’s a really good option to play. You should keep the ready book of buildings and book of fighting on magic items that way you can easily upgrade Builder hall level 8.

Cannon Carts as well as Pekka sure better troop at Builder hall level 8 because there is a couple of reasons why there is the first choice for everyone. It guaranteed more than seventeen per cent of destruction and help you win the battle.