Best Builder’s Workshop Layout level 1 Base Link COC 2022

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Level 1: Clash Of Clans Builder’s Workshop Layout level 1

Here are the best COC Builders Workshop Base without links. Links will be available soon In the future update. Try to make it tough to get three-star dealt maximum value for your clan. Major defenses for Builders Workshop Level 1 are the Rocket artillery, Inferno tower and the high number of spear throwers.

In order to clear Builder workshop layout level 1 you have to enter the mortar compartment for doing so you can use the battle ram because it is useful to open up the wall compartment in Builder Workshop Level 1 layout you should always use barbarian with some tanking troop such as super Pekka. In order to get the maximum percentage in Builders Workshop Level 1 layout.

Most of the players avoid the high damage of the normal cannon. This is a big mistake for most of the players. These bases are different from others. builders workshop layout Level 1 is made from different sources. Think of these layouts as a guide to make your base strong. Defending against the ground and air army is the main feature of this base.