Best Builder’s Workshop Base level 2 Layout Link COC 2022

Town Hall Builder Hall Clan Capital Capital Peak Barbarian Camp Wizard Valley Builder’s Workshop Balloon Lagoon Dragon Cliffs Golem Quarry

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Clash Of Clans Builder Workshop level 2 Layout: Level 2

As earlier said this doesn’t mean this base can not be three-star this is a misconception by most of the players. Avoid using this base Builders workshop level 2 base layout as it is changes are necessary for better results please make sure to max out Builders Workshop Level 2 And then you will see the difference between the two-star and three-star first protect three-star from happening because it is the first step to defend the base versus any army whether it is the Mountain golem strategy or the super wizard and super giants strategy.

At this COC Builders workshop level 2 layout during the attack if you are unfortunate that you can not clear the multi-mortar so don’t worry you can destroy it in the second attack. Now we move on to the second attack using the second army in Builder Workshop Level 2 layout here you can use the same strategy and that is to use the super Barbarian.

The balance between air protection and ground protection is crucial in the Builder workshop level 2 layout This helps to protect from the only ground army and the air army.