Best Builder’s Workshop Base level 3 Layout Link COC 2022

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Level 3: COC Builders Workshop level 3 Layout

Maintaining a high level of damage per second is crucial at Builders Workshop Level 3 base layout because most of the bases are spread throughout the village and defense is scattered throughout the village keeping both grounds and air defence at the same place in Builders Workshop L3.

There are many ways to attack Builder Workshop Level 3 layout in order to get maximum value you can use the sneaky archers in this way you can take out key defences.

The first step is to open up the main compartment of the village builder workshop level 3 base layout. if you are taking more than three attacks to destroy the village so here are the tips on how to do it quickly for the average player.

If you keep only ground defence then the opponent will attack this area with the air troop and if you keep only the air defences like Air defence and rockets. That opponent will attack that area with a group of ground troop-like super wizards and super barbarians in the Builders Workshop Level 3.