33+ Best Clan Capital Peak Base level 3 Layout Link COC 2023

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Now at this Capital Hall Level 3 Layout, you will get new walls so you can make a complicated base layout which is difficult to three-star.

You can arrange walls and create different compartments to place the critical defenses into the best strategic spot and ruin the attack. Arrange extra buildings in the perimeter to keep enemy troops away as long as possible.

The Clash Of Clans Capitol Peak Level 3 Layout is a coc mode that involves clan members in it. Members of a clan can contribute to progress to repair, build and upgrade the Clan Capital.

It’s a pretty similar base. it’s the base I used in the beginning in coc capital peak level 3 layout link. I built that base and Jen was really good at some point more and more people copied it so it got like really bad because well everyone knew the trick, but I still know the theory on how to do things but doing those is a little bit tricky for me to make best capital hall 3 base copy link, but well that’s how you can break down the base like this and like I said we have two more text to go and one more triple what we want to see right now and it.

Best COC Capital peak level 3 layout link

At Clan Capital Level 3 Layout, The problem with the super wizard is that it has a low hit point but it has a good amount of chain damage so too using this you need to have defending troop like Super Giant but the problem is that if one hit of level 3 capital peak layout artillery cause significant damage to high hit-points troop and instantly wipe out the Super wizard-like low hit points troops.

What is Clan Capital?

Clan capital is one game mode in coc. In this mode, clan members contribute in the capital to upgrade and build the buildings. clan members attack with clan capital army on opponents capital.

how to upgrade clan capital?

Clan members contribute to the capital to upgrade the capital hall and many other buildings and defenses.

how to get to clan capital?

For playing this game mode in coc, you must have your townhall 6 or above. Any clan members can play this clan capital mode.

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