40+ Best Clan Capital Peak Base level 4 Layout Link COC 2023

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COC Clan Capital Peak Base Layout Level 4

The arrangement of the evenly spaced compartment is also suitable for defense. At Clash Of Clans Clan Capital Base Layout Level 4, there are two air bombs, two multi-mortar, and 1 Tesla tower, so make sure to use this defense and arrange it strategically.

If you want to say at the top you have to get new bases every couple of days so that’s a little tricky but yeah, let’s break down the capital peak level 4 layout. We have those compartments on the left and on the right within Archer Towers which are the easiest to get into because the reason why we can’t do the part or like what we did right now on the other base just like capital peak level 4 layout. And get into the compartments within the towers. The CC here is extremely Tesla over there.

Keep your capital hall highly protected by primary guards. Every area should have equal air protection and ground protection. Otherwise, opponents easily take down bases just by deploying ground troops in high in air defenses and deploying ground troops in high ground defenses.

Capital hall level 4 layout copy link coc

At Capital Hall Level 4 Layout, it is interesting to play and takes at least three months to max this clan capital level. So many players are at this level. So be sure to check out the bases at this clan capital level. There is also the best attack strategy for a particular coc capital peak level 4 layout. Here you can enjoy lots of stuff about clan capital.

How to attack on the capital hall 4 base layout and how to defend. The guide for attack and defense like different stuff about the clash of clans is given in this article. There are only two days for raid and the rest of the week is free so use this time to properly upgrade the clan capital. The best strategy is also discussed here in the following article in clan capital hall layout level 4.