50+ Best Clan Capital Peak Base level 5 Layout Link COC 2023

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Best COC Clan Capital Peak Layout Level 5

At COC Clan Capital Hall 5 Base Layout, you can also keep in spreading manner. You can make an island base in capitol peak lvl 5 base. This type of base also does well against any raid attack. It is guaranteed it takes more than four attacks to get a hundred per cent value in this layout.

This means in capital hall 5 base layout. We’ll likely have to deal with a hound, which is insane because we know our King won’t last long because there could be huge bombs. Additionally, the bomb tower is very annoying, making it difficult to sweep out at the top without having something like powerful troops and more stuff like this. Don’t even try this with the heroes, instead, try to remove one of those corner compartments in clan capital base layout level 5.

There are multiple small defenses like spear thrower, super wizard tower in COC Capital Peak Level 5 Layout Link. Flying fortress is a major air troop with house capacity very high. It deploys small groups of skeleton which distracts the defenses but susceptible to splash damage.

COC Capital hall 5 base layout link

With additional elements, you can make a ring base with a different periphery and a small defending compartment. This will do better, but one condition is applied to keep your core strong. Otherwise, there is no protection for your capital peak hall at Clan Capital peak Base Level 5. At Clan Clan Capital Base Layout Level 5, you get one great defense like eagle artillery. This is a very dangerous defense. It instantly kills the super wizard and another troop with low hit points.

It is easy to find bases for Capital hall level 5 layout because nowadays so many articles have been published about clan capital because of this reason we have made the top 10 bases which have the good defending capacity and you can easily apply them to your clan capital base. It is only possible by a co-leader and leader.