36+ Best Clan Capital Peak Base level 6 Layout Link COC 2023

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It is fascinating clan capital level capital hall 6 layout is very powerful at this level.

Capital hall 6
Damage per second 160
Hit- points- 28000
Range- 15 tiles
Target- Ground and air
Favorite target – Any

capital hall 6 base layout link

It is the heart of the base. You can upgrade clan capital hall to unlock new districts like barbarian camp, wizard velly, builders workshop, dragon cliff and balloon lagoon.

At Clan Capital Base Layout Level 6, the following defenses you will have.

At capital hall 6 base layout link, if you want to change the layout you need to at least be the co-leader of your clan If you are not you can not change the base layout by yourself so you need to ask your co-leader or leader to change the layout of your clan capital hall 6 base layout. Before the raid starts. If you want to win the raid and gain the maximum amount of clan capital loot.

I’ll play the replay so you can see what coc capital peak level 6 layout link look like. I did this with my heroes before we moved on to the more difficult portions and saw how I tried to implement those strategies in capital hall 6 base layout. I’ll start with the coconut loon and electro dragon.

COC Capital peak level 6 layout link

Any second after that, we’ll be using the king and baby dragon. By the way, if you think this guy is out of his mind with all of these off-the-wall moves over here that are similar to mine, think again.

If the ground defense is not properly upgraded then you can use the universal strategy like the super wizard and super giants strategy and you can also use the hog rider, raged barbarian and so many other troops. To get high value. So many new defenses you will get at clan capital level 6.

The best strategy for capitol peak level 6 layout link is the Super dragon strategy. It is easy to execute and provides good value if the air targeting defenses are not upgraded properly You can use rage spell along with it. They are op troops but an Air bomb and an inferno tower give significant high damage to it. So be careful about it.