47+ Best Clan Capital Peak Base level 7 Layout Link COC 2023

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COC Clan Capital peak Hall Base Layout Level 7

This Clan Capital peak Base Layout Level 7 is more complex than previous levels. Attacks become more complicated, but there is an increase in clan capital loot. Also, this is good. All the structures are expanding levels of each defense increases splash damage also increases you may wonder, Which is the best army in clan capital?

What individuals are doing We got rid of everything like this, as I said, and then we have to think about what to do next in capital hall 7 layout. There are two options. I like how it works like this and then gets in with the clan capital base layout level 7, which is like with those walls the battle ram is taking like five seconds longer than actual wood, so that’s pretty nice. Two possibilities exist. The first option is highly hazardous to get the three stars to get a second star it’s either like 1 or 3 stars. The second option is to like play the lottery.

The best army is a combination of super giant and super wizard. Capital Hall 7 layout is my personal favorite army.

Capital Hall 7 Base Layout Link is the best capital hall Level 7 base. It looks good appearance-wise and has significant high damage for enemy troops this level is interesting to play and it is also hard to play you will get lots of new defenses and also new spells and new troops there are increases in the army camp space this also gives the extra advantage for an attack.