Clash Of Clans : Clan Games Rewards

Clash Of Clans : Clan Games Rewards

Hello Clashers , hope you all are doing good in clash of clan mobile.

Here we are provides you some basic information regarding the clan games and clan game rewards.

clash of clans mobile clan games reward 2023

In clan games, all your clan member have to complete clan points to unlock all the clan games reward. There are mostly 50,000 or 75,000 score must be achieved to get all of the clan games rewards.

Supercell gives you lots of mission to complete the clan games. Some of the mission are easy but some challenges are relatively tough.

  • After clan games is finished, we have to collect the rewards.
  • For the eligibility of the all clan games reward, all the tier if the clan games are must be completed

Collect Rewards From The Clan Game of Clash Of Clans

After completing the clan game, You can collect your favourite rewards from it

Selected rewards are stored in Treasury. You can use this rewards to upgrade your village faster.

clan games rewards clan games april 2023

How To Get Extra Rewards In Clan Games

After collecting all the rewards, One extra rewards is given to who completed all the mission in clan games and gained scored 4000 score. One extra reward is added to your treasury.

Is Everyone Getting Same Rewards from The COC Clan Games?

No, There are some minor difference rewards whose town hall is lower than 7. Mostly there is more gold then dark elixir is offered to the lower town hall, to upgrade there village rapidly.

Duration Of Clan Games In COC

Clan Games are a monthly in-game event for COC, where clashers in a clan complete challenges to get points and unlock rewards such as Magic Items and resources. The duration of Clan Games is usually  from the 22nd to 28th of each month.

What are the Eligibility to Participate in the clan games ?

Town Hall level 6 or higher is required to participate. If you reached to town hall 6 you can support your clan members to complete the clan games faster.

If you leave the clan before collect the reward, Then how to claim the rewards?

If you leave Clan before Clan Games end, you will collect the Rewards from the Clan in which you completed at least one Challenge. If you are kicked out of a from the Clan, Still you can collect the rewards from the clan games.

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