Best Dragon Cliffs Base level 1 Layout Link COC 2022

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Clash Of Clans Dragon Cliff level 1 Layout: Level 1

It is a tricky layout due to the presence of the super dragons at Dragon Cliff Level 1 Layout there are probably two of the super dragon are there which has splash damage and high hit point They destroy the super wizard in the instant so never use the super wizard and super giants strategy because this strategy will not work in it. You can use rocket Baloon instead.

Attacking best dragon cliffs base takes a minimum of two attacks for pro players it is just one attack. The clan capital loot in the Dragon Cliff Level 1 is around 4500. It is not much as compared to the difficulty we have to face to get through the base. The higher the level the more difficult it becomes best dragon cliffs attack.

At coc dragon cliffs level 1 layouts if you watch the attack on youtube for the first time you will get confused because they are professional attackers unlike us. Most of the attacks of coc dragon cliffs level 1 bases are difficult to copy. But here is a guide for this upcoming upgraded bases also we have cleared Dragon Cliff level 1 layout base in just two attacks.