Best Dragon Cliffs Base level 2 Layout Link COC 2022

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Level 2: Clash Of Clans Dragon Cliff level 2 Layout

Welcome to the brand new blog. This article will provide you with tips and tricks and strategies for COC Dragon cliffs level 2 bases. Especially in the first raid. We come to know most of us have unlocked Dragon Cliff level two so we are making an article to help you in the clan capital raids. Most of them have unlocked heal spells so will use them. If you have it then. You can use four super wizards and four super Barbarians.

As the level increases the number of Super Dragons increases at Dragon Cliff Level 2 there are three Super Dragon With the giant x bow which is a big headache for attacking This base. Splash damage is very high in Dragon Cliff Level 2.

So my advice is to first take out the x bow and kill one of the super dragons and then start the second attack with the best strategy It will take two attacks and you will get 4500 clan capital loot. To unlock the next base village in dragon cliffs level 2 attack. There are also too many defenses like spear thrower and cannons which protects This base very well default layout is also best to defend against a normal base.