Best Golem Quarry Base level 1 Layout Link COC 2022

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Golem Quarry level 1 Layouts COC

Golem Quarry is the last one which unlocks in the clan capital. It is relatively easy to completely destroy in just one attack by most of the clash of clan players.

The district capital hall has around seven thousand hit points. But it is non-weaponized meaning It has no any protection against any kind of enemy attack so it is highly vulnerable to most of the attacks also it has a high amount of clan capital loot so taking it out early would be the best choice.

Golem Quarry level 1 has a low level of defense as compared to the upper levels of the village. Attacking it would be a good choice for getting a high amount of clan capital loot. It is around 4500 clan capital loot so make sure to hit three stars in the first attack.

Golem Quarry Level 1 has a specific pattern of attack all different kinds of attack strategy works here. Here in this village, the main defenses are x bow and the inferno tower once you destroy this two main defenses then the rest is very easy.

Take out the main defenses in the first attack in Golem Quarry Level 1 and then finishes the rest of the weak buildings and do the Clean up the best troop-for clean up in my opinion is minions and sneaky archers. You can also use the raged barbarian for this process. Here in Golem Quarry Level 1, the spell duration is permanent so take full advantage of this at Golem Quarry Level 1.