Hog Rider Defence, Attack Strategy, Tips and tricks

Preferred targeDefenses
Attack typeMelee(ground)
Movement speed24
Housing space Five

It is the crucial troop at town hall 9. For builer hall there is hog glider. It has fewer hit points compared to others, but by using heal spell, they become invisible. They are defence specific, meaning they don’t attack other buildings like collectors and storage. You have to make a proper pathway for the movement of the hog rider.


best strategy for using hog rider is queen charge hog rider and miner, But in town hall nine, there is no miner, so you have to keep wizard to clean up the waste buildings first. By doing queen charge, you can make funneling, and the first Target should be to defeat the enemy Archer queen. Then you can deploy a hog rider in a surgical manner. Make sure to use heal spell on hog riders, especially when they are dealing with splash damage like wizard tower at town hall nine.


Well, hog rider are defence specific so there is no use for defensive purpose.

Training time

With one dark barrack- 1 min 30 sec.
With two dark barrack – 45 sec.


Hog rider had significant visual changes at level 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. It is dark skinned man with black beard. He has two earring and two heavy wrist band.


March 2013: Added hog rider with 5 level.

April 2013: Reduced upgrade time

Jan 2014: Increased training cost

March 2016: Added level 6 hog rider.

March 2017: Increased hit point

June 2018: Added level 8 hog rider

April 2019: Added level 9 hog rider

March 2020: Upgrade cost reduction

Hog Rider Level, DPS, DPH & Hit point

LevelDPS/DPHHit point

At which town hall you can use?

There is no eagle artellary, so major splash damage is not there at town hall 9.

At town hall 9 but at town hall ten multi, Target inferno can spoil your attack strategy, but this strategy is also helpful at town hall 10. At town hall 11, eagle artillery can break your attack strategy. But you can use it if the eagle artillery is in the corner.

Tips and tricks for hog rider attack

  1. In this attack strategy, the barbarian king also has the main role.
  2. He is mainly used to funnel other hog riders.
  3. Spare some troops or hog riders to clean up the building.
  4. All the troop, especially hog riders, should be at a maximum level otherwise. They will die instantly;
  5. it is a powerful attack strategy.
  6. This strategy always guarantees 3 stars against any complex bases at town hall 9 levels.
  7. You can use four to five healers with a queen use balloon to trigger seeking air mines to protect your healers.
  8. First, you should lure clan castle troops by queen charge or queen walk.
  9. There is a difference between queen charge and queen walk.
  10. You can also use a wall breaker in an attack.Hog riders at town hall 9 are invincible. If you use it correctly with proper deployment of spells especially heal spell.
  11. Don’t use the rage spell on hog rider; instead, use heal spell.
  12. Always carry poison spell to slow down clan castle troop and enemy Archer queen and enemy barbarian king. This enemy hero will immediately kill your hog rider, and the attack will fail, and you will end up getting only one star. So be careful of it.

Advantages of using hog rider

The use of hog riders at town hall 9 is difficult yet effective. This attack strategy makes you a pro from an average clash of clans player. Every base is susceptible to hog riders.

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