Town Hall 15 Max Level List Clash of Clans Maxed Hero TH15 COC

Hello Guys, After the new update in clash of clans, town 15 is introduced.

We got new defences and there is an increase in levels of previous defenses and non-defensive buildings like you can upgrade your pet house up to level 8 from level 4. And you can upgrade your electro Dragon level 6 from level 5.

Max Base Layout Of TH15 
 Town Hall Level 15

These minor changes make a lot of difference in playing Town Hall 15.

If you like to know about maxed th15 base and need to know how long to max th15. There is also a new pet is unlocked at town hall 15 and a new seige machine is also introduced. So they are included in Town Hall 15 Max levels list.

Town Hall 15 Max levels list:

Here is the list Categories for maxed level th14 clash of clans

  • Buildings
  • Traps
  • Defenses
  • Troops
  • Heroes
  • Spells

TH 15 Max Level Heroes :

Barbarian King

Barbarian King
LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)Upgrade Time
81250,0008 days
82255,0008 days
83260,0008 days
84265,0008 days
85270,0008 days
86275,0008 days
87278,0008 days
88280,0008 days
89282,0008 days
90285,0008 days

Archer Queen

TH 15 Max Archer queen
LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)Upgrade Time
81264,0008 days
82268,0008 days
83272,0008 days
84276,0008 days
85280,0008 days
86282,0008 days
87284,0008 days
88286,0008 days
89288,0008 days
90290,0008 days

Grand Warden

th 15 max Grand Warden
LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixir)Upgrade Time
5614,500,0008 days
5715,000,0008 days
5815,500,0008 days
5916,000,0008 days
6016,200,0008 days
6116,700,0008 days
6216,900,0008 days
6317,100,0008 days
6417,300,0008 days
6517,500,0008 days

Royal Champion

th 15 max royal champions
LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)Upgrade Time
31260,0008 days
32265,0008 days
33270,0008 days
34275,0008 days
35280,0008 days
36285,0008 days
37290,0008 days
38295,0008 days
39300,0008 days
40305,0008 days

Max Levels of Buildings in TH15

Town Hall 15 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelsNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector157
Gold Mine157
Elixir Storage164
Gold Storage164
Dark Elixir Drill93
Dark Elixir Storage101
Town Hall 15 Army BuildingsLevels of BuildingsNo. of Buildings
Army Camp124
Spell Factory71
Clan Castle111
Dark Barracks91
Dark Spell Factory51
Siege Machine71
Pet House81
  • It is a brand new town hall with the introduction of a monolith, a dark spell tower.
  • Dark barrack has a max level of 9. Spell factory reaches max level 6.
  • Gold storage gets the max level of 15. Clan castle gains a level of 10.
  • Elixir Collector reaches max level 15. Elixir storage has a max level of 15.
  • Dark elixir drill gains a level of 9.
  • Barracks gain a level of 15. Laboratory reaches max level 12.
  • The gold mine has a max level of 15. Dark elixir storage reaches max level 9.
  • Dark spell factory gets the max level of 5.

Max Levels of Defenses in TH15

Town Hall 15 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower218
Air Defense134
Wizard Tower154
Air Sweeper72
Hidden Tesla134
Bomb Tower102
Inferno Tower93
Eagle Artillery51
Town hall Inferno Tower71
Spell Tower32
  • It is the same as Town Hall 14 but few upgrades are there.
  • The Wall level increases by one and reaches level 16.
  • An air defence reaches level 13.
  • Inferno Tower is level 9 and Scattershot reaches level 4.
  • And all the other defences like Archer Tower, Cannon, Wizard Tower, Mortor, Hidden Tesla, Air sweeper, and bomb Tower have the same max level as previous town hall.

Max Levels of Troops in TH15

Town Hall 15 TroopsTH14 Troop Levels
Wall Breaker11
Baby Dragon8
Electro Dragon6
Dragon rider3
Electro Titan3
Town Hall 15 Dark Elixier TroopsTH15 Dark Elixir Troops Levels
Hog Rider11
Lava Hound6
Ice Golem6
  • After the new town hall 15 updates, some of the troop gets a new level.
  • Miner has a max level of 8. Dragon Rider gains the max level of 3.
  • Giant gets a level of 10. The balloon reaches the max level of 10.
  • The healer has a max level of 7. Dragon gains the max level of 9.
  • The Wall breaker gets a level of 10. Barbarian gets a level of 10.
  • Goblin has a max level of 8. Archer gains the max level of 10.
  • Baby dragon gets a level of 8. Yeti gets a level of 4.
  • Wizard reaches the max level of 10. Electro dragon gets a level of 6.
  • Pekka gains the max level of 9. Ice golem gets a level of 6. Golem has a max level of 11.
  • Head hunter reaches the max level of 3.
  • Bowlers gain the max level of 6. Lava gets a level of 6. Witch reaches the max level of 6.
  • Hog Rider has a max level of 11. Minion reaches the max level of 10.

Max Levels of Heroes in TH15

Town Hall 15 HeroesTH15 Hero Level
Barbarian King85
Archer Queen85
Grand Warden60
Royal Champion35
Town Hall 15 Pet HouseTH15 Pet Levels
Electro Owl10
Mighty Yak10
Poison Lizard10
  • A new hero level is introduced in Town Hall. Barbarian king and Archer Queen get to level 85.
  • The level for Grand Warden and Royal champion is the same as previous Town Hall 55 and 30 respectively.

Max Levels of Spells in TH15

Town Hall 15 SpellsTH15 Spell Levels
Light Spell10
Healing Spell9
Rage Spell6
Jump Spell5
Freeze Spell7
Clone Spell7
Invisibility Spell4
Recoil Spell4
Town Hall 15 Dark SpellsTH15 Dark Elixir Spell Level
Poison Spell9
Earthquake Spell5
Haste Spell5
Skelton Spell7
Bat Spell6
  • This is the highest town hall in the clash of clans. At this town hall, Poison Spell gets the max level of 9.
  • Heal spell has a max level of 8. The rage spell reaches max level 6.
  • The invincible spell gains a level of 4. Earthquake spell gets a max level of 5.
  • The jump spell reaches max level 4. The bat spell has a max level of 5.
  • The haste spell gets the max level of 5. The lightning spell has a max level of 10.
  • The skeleton spell reaches max level 7.
  • The freeze spell has a max level of 7.

Town Hall 15 Workshop Max level

LevelTotal Cost Total Time HitpointsName Of siege Machine
719,000,00018 days1,600Battle Drill

In town hall 15 we can unlock new siege machine named battle drill. Battle drill is the one of the powerful siege machine in clash of clan

Town Hall 15 max Bases Layouts with links.

Most of the players till now have reached this awesome town hall level. This town hall has all the new troops like electro Titan, and all the brand new pets such as diggy, poison lizard, phoenix, and frosty. New siege machine battle drill.

So the max level of these new buildings and also the max level of previous buildings are also changed so in order to know all these details in a short time you can check out the list of all the necessary information about town hall 15 troop, pets, spells, battle machines etc. Nowadays it is still hard to play town hall 15.

Town Hall 15 max Level Conclusion

In this town hall, new defences are introduced like a monolith, spell tower and new pet level unlock. This kind of certain changes at this town hall 15. So in order to be updated you can read this article we will keep this updated as soon as possible thank you.