Next Clan Games Reward – March 2023

Hey clasher, hope you are doing great in clash of clan mobile.

Here we are providing you clan games reward and clan game schedule.

clash of clans , clan games reward march 2023

Here, your all clan member have to contribute 75000 points for the unlock all the reward of the clan games.

In clan games march 2023, here super cell provides you total two ruins for the full out your storage. There are ruin of builder gold and ruin of gold for the home village. There also one book of building is provided for the quick build out any building you want. Also super cell provides you all 6 potion for the home and builder base.

Next Clan Games Release Date

Clan games march 2023 is scheduled on 22 march, 2023.

What are the Rewards Of Clan Games

Reward of the clan games are not revealed at, it revealed approximately 24 hour before the clan games. Here we are providing you tentative list of the clan game

You can read more about town hall and clan capital layout from below Next Clan Games Reward – March 2023 Next Clan Games Reward – March 2023

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