Clash Of Clans Town Hall 15: Release Date, Sneak Peak, New Pets, New Base Defenses, Heroes & More..

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Hello, Clashers

Town Hall 15 is the next Clash of Clans update we will show you all of the new troop Defense building levels and a lot of information in this sneak peek blog.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 15:

Town Hall At TH 15

The first thing we will do is upgrade to town hall 15. it will cost you 18 million gold with a 15-day build time. it is quite expensive.

Town Hall 15 will be available with its new magic theme. Which looks awesome.

We will showcase the new defensive and building upgrades you will see this design is consistent

Town Hall 15 Giga Inferno

Most impactful at level five you get a greater radius by half tiles of the death damage. We could see the Improvement in Aesthetics after every level.

Town Hall 15 Giga Inferno

Appreciate how good it looks with the glowing magic theme once the town hall is activated. We will have a pink Giga Inferno and the colors are contrasting one another. We also have a new poison animation which will also be used for Town Hall 14. All four Heroes will be getting an extra five levels. This means an extra ability level for each of the heroes. TH 15 will not have a new hero level.

Town Hall 15 Release Date:

Supercell has not given any specific release date for clash of clans but most probably it released on 10th October 2022. Town hall 15 will be in game launch around the October update supercell has revealed to much about town hall 15.

Clan Castle at th15

Clan Castle at th15

Th 15 the clan castle will cost you 20 million elixirs with a 20-day upgrade time. but this will allow us to take 50 troops’ capacity. Clan castle will match as well as all of these other buildings the new magic theme for Town Hall 15. Barracks we don’t have four of them anymore three have been removed. We only have to upgrade one. The new maximum level for the pet house is level 8. and there are four new. There are also increases in the wall levels.

COC TH15 New Pets

COC TH15 New Pets

We can upgrade our Pet house to level 4 at Town Hall 14. once we reach the 15 . We can upgrade it to more than level 4 Upgrading to level 5 this going to cost us pretty much 20 million elixirs with 19 days of build time.

TH15 New Pet: Frosty

TH15 Pets: Frosty

This will unlock Frosty We are going to briefly introduce each pet. The first pet will unlock is Frosty will follow alongside the hero It is designed to attack buildings within a 4.5-tile range.

The most important part is the special ability spawning Frost mites think of this as very similar to Yeti mites from the yeti troop in that they target defences, not other buildings and they will slow the defense down.

TH15 COC New Pet: Diggy

TH15 COC New Pet: Diggy

The upgrade stats upgrading to level 6. 20 million Elixir 19 days and 6 hours. And this will unlocks Diggy one of my best pets

TH15 COC New Pet: Diggy

Diggy will attack the same building that the hero it is assigned to is attacking and the special ability of this pet is when first attacking a defence it will stun it. There’s one hero in particular that we can use Diggy alongside that is the royal champion.

TH15 : The Poison Lizard

TH15 : The Poison Lizard

Upgrading from Level 6 to level 7 costs 20 million Elixir over 19 days. This will give us the poison lizard. This is the most situational out of the four new pets think of this as a portable Headhunter attached to your hero.

TH15 : The Poison Lizard

Its favourite Target is the defending hero but also clan castle troops and it will poison them like a Headhunter.

Th15 Coc Pet: Phoenix

Th15 Coc Pet: Phoenix

Upgrading to level 8 unlocks the Phoenix. most favorite pet starts egg but has the best special ability of all giving its hero one last final moment of invulnerability almost like a queen ability and a warden ability mixed all together.

Th15 Coc Pet: Phoenix

New defences are released with Th15 we can now use spells on our base for defense. The most powerful defence of all is the monolith. Wizards have made automated ways to give villages more ways to mess up with the attackers. spell Towers are very tricky.

TH15 New Defence: Monolith

And the monolith is a dark elixir defence 18 days to build with 300 000 Dark Elixir, you can only have one on your base it says the stronger the monolith’s target the more damage it does. This is a unique feature of a monolith.

TH15 New Defence: Monolith

Monolith is very powerful against Heroes and the stronger High hit point troops such as the electro Dragon. monolith at level one does base damage of 150 at level one and there is extra damage based on a percentage of the target’s Max Health.

The greater the health of the target example the Barbarian King has more hit points so more damage. it will attack ground or air troops.


It can only attack one troop at a time so it’s susceptible to mass attack. it’s will not be the most powerful against a lava loon. It looks like the Grand Warden altar the way that it attacks the troops is very similar but the damage output is significantly greater. It consists of the base damage and also 15 damage bonus. Which did have a greater impact on the Barbarian King because he had a high-hit point. Clash of clans has spell Towers which costs 14 million gold for each tower.

Rage Spell Tower

Rage Spell Tower

At level 1 rage spell Tower upgrade the Tower which costs 16 million gold and 16 days of build time to reach level 2. it will unlock a new spell which is the poison spell. upgrading the tower will give us access to the other spells in which we will see the poison spell at level 2 and the invisibility spell at level 3. the poison spell is the best Let’s start with the rage spell Tower. there are two circles for the rage Tower the inner purple circle once defences are activated will glow purple. Spell Tower also have an Outer Circle which is the trigger radius.

The time duration for the rage will be 18 seconds and the damage will be increased by 100 per cent. Tower’s recharge time is 50 seconds for the rage tower.

The TH15 Poison Spell Tower

Poison tower the Outer Circle Remains the Same as rage tower because the poison spell Tower has nine tiles in the range. just like the rage spell Tower. This is activated as soon as a unit is inside that range for 1.2 seconds. The poison spell Tower Targets the poison towards the army inside its range unlike the rage Tower which drops it in the centre the time duration is for 12 seconds.

Town Hall 15: Invisibility Spell Tower

Town Hall 15: Invisibility Spell Tower

Finally, COC has the invisibility tower Which has a shorter range than the rage spell Tower. This has less range in that of 4.5 tiles. it redirects enemy troops also difficult to get them back to Target and 40-second recharge time.


So, This All About the new update of COC Town hall 15 update October 2022. Th15 Update involves Release Date, New Pets, New Base Defenses, New Heroes Levels, Monolith, Spell Tower & New Spell. Hope you like this information about town hall 15.

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When will town hall 15 be released?

Supercell has given the specific release date for clash of clans Town Hall 15, And It Released on 10th October 2022.

What will town hall 15 look like?

COC TH15 looks with the glowing magic theme once the town hall is activated. We will have a pink Giga Inferno and the colors are contrasting one another. We also have a new poison animation which will also be used for Town Hall 14.

Is th 15 coming in coc?

Yes. Town Hall 15 is coming around October Update 2022.

What is the max level of archer queen at TH 15?

The Max Level of archer queen at TH 15 is Level 85.

What is the max level of Barbarian King at TH 15?

The Max Level of Barbarian King at TH 15 is Level 85.