50+ Best Wizard Valley Level 1 Layout Bases Link COC 2024

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Wizard Valley Level 1 Layouts – COC

Hey, guys, welcome back to our post. Today we are going to share the newest Wizard Valley level 1 layout with you.

Wizard Valley Coc, we bring you great base designs specially made for every clan’s capital town hall and build a capital hall level. We also explain the reason why certain buildings are situated in certain places. In this Wizard Valley level 1 layout, let’s talk about the base design. In this base design blog.

We placed the district hall in the center of the Wizard Valley base coc base along with multi-cannons and air bombs so that these defensive buildings will guard the district hall from both ground troops and air troops in the Wizard Valley Coc.

As we know it requires most of the time to upgrade the best wizard valley level 1 layout. This is how you do it, and after that, you can just use a minion wizard or whatever to clear out the building behind because loons won’t track it.

Best Wizard Valley Layout lvl 1 base for Clash of Clans

I detest Spare, for example, but in the end, it’s really important that your queen is not walking to the wrong side in the Wizard Valley base lvl 1 base layout. because Dennis you’re like, your tech is over pretty much if your queen is heading into this side and getting somehow like screwed up by the single inferno tower.

Since the district hall is in the center of the base of Wizard Valley, it will be very tough for the opponent to reach the district hall easily. Also, other key defenses like the super wizard tower and air defense are placed around the district hall in this Wizard Valley level 1 layout.

In the Wizard Valley base layout, all the other defensive buildings like cannon and spear throwers are situated all over the Wizard Valley base, and these defensive buildings are situated three miles away from each other, so super wizards like damaging chain troop cannot chain the damage to multiple defensive buildings in a single attack. Thanks for visiting Wizard Valley base level 1.