20+ Best Wizard Valley Base level 2 Layout Link COC 2022

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Wizard Valley Level 2 Layout

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In the wizard valley level 2 layouts, the default wizard valley base layout is straightforward to destroy because there is no proper strategic placement of the diffenses. In wizard valley, there is no any center main building, so you can be flexible in this wizard valley base layout. In the future, we will provide you with the wizard valley base layout L2, which is the best wizard valley base

Raid cart post is situated in the inner corner of the base, which will help in giving us some more time to eliminate the opponent’s army by simply distracting them in the coc wizard valley layout level 2.

Also, all the mines, as well as mega mines, are situated in front of the defence and wizard valley district hall accordingly so that mines will tackle sneaky archers in wizard valley base layout while they are dealing with outer defensive buildings.