52+ Best Wizard Valley Level 2 Layout Base Link COC 2024

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Wizard Valley Level 2 Layout

In the Wizard Valley level 2 layouts, the default Wizard Valley base layout is straightforward to destroy because there is no proper strategic placement of the defenses. In Wizard Valley, there is no center main building, so you can be flexible in this Wizard Valley base layout. In the future, we will provide you with the Wizard Valley base layout L2, which is the best Wizard Valley base.

Best COC Wizard Valley level 2 Layout With Link

If you attack Wizard Valley layout level 2 base layout, then immediately begin the subsequent repetition so that you can spell genius. I believe that two dunes are also completely acceptable, and after that, we have the minion who is clearing out the Wizard Valley layout level 2 base layout. I believe that just a wizard would have been faster, but hey, now that the troops are entering, we must examine the second family because the Queen could conceivably remain outside even as the RAM is entering the Wizard Valley layout lvl 2 layout. As a result, there is a Pekka and a few bowlers, which is nice, and after that, we can take a look at the third family.

The raid cart post is situated in the inner corner of the base, which will help give us some more time to eliminate the opponent’s army by simply distracting them in the Coc Wizard Valley layout level 2.

Also, all the mines, as well as mega mines, are situated in front of the defense and Wizard Valley district hall accordingly so that mines will tackle sneaky archers in the Wizard Valley base layout while they are dealing with outer defensive buildings.