35+ Best Wizard Valley Base level 3 Layout Link COC 2022

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Wizard Valley Layout Level 3

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In this wizard valley level 3, the three layouts is very different from the wizard valley level 2 layout in the wizard valley base. You will get an inferno tower with devastating flames that can even burn the mountain golem. Mega mines can deal with super wizards later in the battle. Also, all the non-defensive buildings are placed in front of the defensive towers, which is effective in multiple cases in the wizard valley base layout Level 3.

Such as, sneaky archers are going to lose their ability before destroying th defensive building, and it will give you some more time to kill the opponent’s troops while they are locked on. Wizard valley base layout, once again, let’s see the placement of the defensive structures and their adequate coverage. Wizard valley base layout Level 3 we are going to show you the excellent attack strategy for the wizard valley in coc wizard valley layout.

The primary army for this is a super wizard and super giants with the use of a heal spell and also using minions. When you start the attack, drop the giants to tank for the super wizard and clear some part of the wizard valley base.