44+ Best Wizard Valley Level 4 Layout Link COC 2024

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Wizard Valley Level 4 Layouts for COC

At the best Wizard Valley base, when we drop a healing spell and some minions, we can see an exciting interaction. The super wizard is unable to counter the minions within the range of the healing spell in the Wizard Valley layout level 4.

We have used minions because defending cannon carts is powerful as it is inside the wall compartment. The minions will quickly kill the ground troop so we can use the battle ram for the other compartment in the Wizard Valley layout. You should also destroy the super wizard tower with sneaky archers if the deployment area is available for doing this.

This is still an overkill really nice attack for Wizard Valley level 4 layout base with a link, and this is how you final in the second line and use haste spells with loons in combination after I’ve told you a lot about how to finally Queen walks in Wizard Valley layout level 4 base layout, but at the same time we can finally see Wizard Valley level 4 base for clash of clans.

Best Wizard Valley Bases Level 4

We were watching the rest of the Wizard Valley level 4 base layout. nice jump in the backend and bowlers in the meantime clearing everything with the Pekka and Bowlers together capital of bowlers are dying two giant bombs because there are so many traps on the and abundance out of the Wizard Valley lvl 4.

In the second attack, We can use the best strategy, which is recommended as super giants and super wizards. This strategy is straightforward to execute as we have just to drop super giants and also a super wizard using a healing spell.

But be very careful not to put many super wizards in the big group due to the presence of traps. Also, in Wizard Valley level 4 layouts, if you use super wizard at this part of the base, they can be targeted and killed immediately by multiple defenses.