25+ Best Wizard Valley Base level 5 Layout Link COC 2024

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Wizard Valley Level 5 Layouts

When it comes to funneling, you can use Queen charged that tower at 9, 10, 11, and 12 whatever, you can use kill squad at this Wizard Valley level 5 layout whatever, and sometimes you even need wall breakers instead of the RAM but it won’t change anything to the funnel so what we have it to look at here is where we use the RAM to get the upper hand. As I said, all those strategies are pretty much universal and can be used on any town level and Wizard Valley layout level 5 base layout.

So we will drop the two remaining super wizards when the defences target the super giant’s third attack will consist of the same army there will not many defenses are left behind in the base, so it is quickly destroyed, clearing a district in three attacks is best for getting good clan capital loot.

If you want to know the best strategy for the capital hall, stay tuned. We will continue to upload the Wizard Valley base lvl 5 layout coc wizard valley layout Level 5 here in these further posts.

In the further blog, we will bring coc wizard levels with their hit point and damage per second and tips and tricks for using the wizard. Here are some examples.