33+ Best Builder Hall Level 9 Bases with Links for Clash of Clans COC – BH9

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Best Builder Hall 9 Base Clash Of Clans

The best strategy at Builder Hall level 9 is Pekka and Cannon Cart make sure to max out the Pekka troop to level 18 and Cannon Cart also. Pekka is so huge you can compare them with a group of barbarians. They are like tank troop which has high hit points you can place them in front of the cannon cart.

Other troops like Night Witches which is pretty much nothing compared to super Pekka. It gets around 650 health or hit points on level 18.

As compared to level seventeen they’re getting a good amount of hp which means overall around truth 1200 HP. Whichever is insane at Builder hall level 9. Nowadays people are rushing to upgrade those air defenses and mega Tesla.

At Builder Hall level 9 the cannons and the double cannons are pretty much everything. They are a good defence against ground attacks. like a giant attack.